Childish Gambino Concert - Swarthmore College - April 2012

SAP America - Jose Feliciano - Christmas Party Gala Event - Confetti-Streamers - December 2011

JMW was contracted to design a custom streamer/confetti cannon package for SAP America's annual Christmas party gala. The streamers and confetti were used for a portion of the event featuring a private concert provided by Jose Feliciano, as he sang his international hit song, "Feliz Navidad". JMW solely provided streamers, confetti and areotechnic effects for this lavish company Christmas event for Jose's performance. The event featured over 2,000 people in attendance.

Merion Cricket Club - Christmas Ball Lighting/Decor - December 2011

Wedding Lighting - Greenville Country Club, Wilmington, DE - September 2011

JMW was contracted to design and install all decorative lighting for this lavish wedding event held at the outdoor tent at Greenville Country Club in Wilmington, Delaware. The client was looking to create a festoon lighting look, creating ceiling of light in the tent. The lighting was not only for decorative purposes but also to provide lighting for the tent, dance floor and to further provide illumination to the main building. JMW installed over 2000 feet of specialty Christmas light strands with custom sign lamps, dimmers, provided all power distribution and rigging to create this effect. JMW was responsible for providing added tree up lighting on the property and all rigging points for the tent lighting effect. JMW was selected by the client as a choice vendor due to the elaborate nature of this installation and having an extensive background in holiday/Christmas lighting displays.

Lincoln Financial Field - Shipley School Prom - May 2011

Archmere Academy After Prom - Lighting-AV Support - May 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show - Special Event Lighting - March 2011

JMW was contracted by Celebrations Design Group to provide special effect lighting for their Phantom of the Opera themed display for the 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show. JMW provided LED wash lighitng, wiring support for 10 custom chandeliers which included intelligent LED Flicker candles and flicker circuits to provide an eerie haunted effect for the theme of the display. JMW further provided a basic JBL sound system with seemless looping capablities enabling Celebrations to loop their audio files for the duration of the show, ensuring turn key operation. Design elements of the dispay and all floral design were provided by Tom Covello of Celebrations Design Group, Crum Lynne, PA.

New York - Broadway Themed Mitzvah - Double Tree Hotel - December 2010

JMW worked in conjunction with Celebrations Design Group and was contracted by, Tom Covello lead project manager for this event. Tom came to JMW to help assist with the rigging demands for this over the top celebration he had created for his client, which was held at the Double Tree Hotel in downtown Wilmington, DE. JMW was contracted to handle all rigging needs, gobo lighting, special effect lighting and select props for the theme. In particular JMW flew over 70 feet of backdrops/truss for the event, using both rigging and free standing options. Keeping safety in mind as their number one concern, a rigging plan/plot was designed to accommodate the weight demands of flying these various backdrops and lighting safely for the event.

Villanova University - SAMOSA Culture Show - November 2010

Holy Cross High School, Delran, NJ - Homecoming Dance - October 2010

Strath Haven High School - Homecoming Dance - October 2010

Fox Chase Crozer Cancer Partnership - Girls Night Out Fashion Show - October 2010

JMW Provided all Sound, Lighting and Video Systems along with providing DJ services for this annual event which featured over 700 guests in attendance for this great cause at Springfield Country Club located in Springfield, PA. JMW was contracted to handle all technical aspects of the event for the entire facility from multiple sound systems throughout the venue with wireless microphones, to stage lighting which needed to be used for broadcast for television promos. LED Lighting was provided to add themed colors of pink to the room and runway for the fashion show portion of this event. The show featured two Philadelphia celebrity guest models: Cecily Tynan from 6 ABC (left), and Radio DJ Personality Debbie Calton from WMGK Magic 102.9(right). The event raised over 50,000 dollars for breast cancer research. Photo Credit: Deborah Soutar Photography.

Wedding Lighting at Springmill Country Club - Up Lighting & Lanterns - October 2010

Wedding Lighting at The Philadelphia Free Library - Roof Top - July 2010

Wedding Lighting - Up Lighting & Custom Monogram - Rivercrest Country Club - June 2010

Wedding Lighting at The Old Mill - Up Lighting & Lanterns - May 2010

Rumson Country Day School, Rumson, NJ - Studo 54 Theme Gala - January 2010

Wilgro Service - Christmas Party Lighting & Decor - December 2009

Bat Mitzvah Lighting - Villanova Conference Center - November 2009

Wedding Lighting & Lanterns - Old Mill - Rose Valley, PA, October 2009

Homecoming - Colonial Forge High School - Stafford, Virginia, October 2009

Blacklight Volleyball - Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY - October 2009

Wedding Lighting - Waterfall Banquets - Claymont, DE- October 2009
-Floral Desgin, Decor and Themed Elements, Provided by Celebrations Design Group, and head floral designer Tom Covello. JMW Provided all pinspotting and decorative lighting for this enchanted forest wedding event.

Wedding Lighting at The Desmond Hotel - Malvern, PA - June 2009

Wedding Uplighting and Custom Gobo Lighting - May 2009

Notre Dame Academy - Villanova, PA - Commencement Sound Reinforcement - May 2009

Natalie Stovall Concert - Delaware Valley College - Doylestown, PA

Non-Profit Event Gala - Girard College - Philadelphia - November 2008
JMW Provided all Lighting & Decorative Lighting for Event. Lighting included MAC 250 series, LED lighting, up lighting, gobo wash for ceilings etc. Attendees included Mayor Michael Nutter (City of Philadelphia), The Roots and over 300 guests to this lavish black tie event.

Kristina's Sweet 16 - McCall Golf Club - November 2008

Colonial Forge High School - Homecoming Dance - Strafford, Virginia, October 2008

Bryn Mawr College - Presidential Inauguration - Street Fair Lighting - October 2008
JMW was contracted to create a custom lighting themed event for Bryn Mawr's Inaguration of their new president this fall. The theme given to JMW by the college was to create the look of a street fair with lighting crossing the main midway area, to not only provide lighting but to further give the appearance of a ceiling effect. JMW worked with the client to make their vision a reality, providing 5000 feet of C9 light strands, over 4000 globe shaped bulbs, 3000 feet of power cable, provided all rigging, power distribution for lighting, and all labor for the event. A total of 26 Trees were used for the lighting display along with 13 dedicated 20 AMP 120 Volt Circuits.

Strath Haven High School - Homecoming 2008 - Wallingford, PA - October 2008
JMW Entertainment Group was contracted for this event to provide: DJ services, Sound, Lighting, Video, Rigging and D?cor. JMW worked with the client to custom design a 22 foot by 8 foot wide/high tunnel in full space/alien d?cor utilizing fiber optic drape, truss, lasers, gobo patterns, along with a fully edited and produced space themed video specificly for the event. The entrance also featured a 9 x 12 foot video screen at the end of the tunnel further concealing the ability to see into the gym as students entered the dance. An LCD projector was also used for the large screen to broadcast the same video feed as on the 42 inch plasma display above the tunnel entrance. A JBL sound system also was provided for the entrance for audio from the video, along with full LED lighting to wash the truss and provide a slow color fade.

For the dance JMW provided a total of 10 intelligent lights, 8 LED Par cans, 4 LED Color Strips, Confetti Cannons, 2 Martin Atomic Strobes, Fog/Bubble Machines, 5 Pounds of Confetti, 60 feet of Box truss, LCD TV Monitors, a 6 x 9 Foot Video Screen with LCD projector. A 200 amp power service was also used for all equipment for the dance. The sound system comprised of a 7,000 watt 10 speaker JBL/EAW sound system along with QSC/Crest amplifiers. JMW provided all rigging, power distribution, barricade and themed elements for this elaborate over the top space themed homecoming event.

Media Theater Company - Custom Animated Window Display - Media, PA - July 2008
JMW Entertainment Group was contracted to design/create and build a custom animated window display for Media Theater. The theater is the only professional theater in Delaware County PA. The display features two puppet like characters which are driven by a custom built motor cam assembly providing arm and leg movements of each character independently. As the characters come to life, music can be heard on speakers outside the window, along with lighting that turns on in time with the animation. The display repeats itself every thirty seconds and runs for a minute and a half prior to repeating. The music for the display is also controlled digitally using an MP3 Repeater. The display was designed for the promotion of the show "My Fair Lady".

Bryn Mawr College - Chinese Lanterns/Tent Lighting, Bryn Mawr, PA - April 2008
JMW provided 100 Chinese Lanterns.

St. Joseph's University - Taste of Hawk Hill Event - Decorative Lighting, Philadelphia, PA - April 2008
JMW provided decorative lighting for event.

Sweet 16 Event - Merion Cricket Club, Merion, PA - April 2008
The staff at Merion Cricket Club reccomended JMW for this event due to JMW's diverse ability to transform a standard ballroom with enhanced lighting options, video screens, LCD monitors, sound, and custom gobos (pattern lighting). The client's expectations were exceeded with creating a night club style atmosphere for their daughters sweet 16 event. The event featured a 6 x 9 foot video screen showcasing music videos and Dance Dance Revolution. In addition a full JBL sound system along with four intelligent lights, 40 feet of truss, and dance lighting was used to create a true night club feel. For ambient lighting, JMW used a variety of LED lighting, pattern/gobo lighting, and over 40 up lights to wash the walls with dramatic color. Two custom gobo/patterns were projected on the dance floor with the guest of honors name and another above the bar with a wash of LED lighting. Highlighting the table/seating area, 2 LCD monitors on truss towers were used to show music videos throughout the duration of the event. The video screen and LCD monitors were also used for showing a custom DVD video montage edited by JMW for the event. For this event, JMW provided DJ services, up lighting, LED lighting, Gobo/Pattern Lighting, Video Systems/LCD Monitors, Truss and Intelligent Lights, and a custom DVD Montage of the guest of honor for the client.

Harriton High School, Rosemont, PA - Snowball Dance - December 2007
JMW Entertainment Group provided a wide array of technical effects and decorative lighting to meet and exceed the client's expectations for this event. The dance featured a club style light show using 4 intelligent lights, 20 feet of box truss which was rigged from the ceiling, a 3 foot mirror ball, 5 decorative lights to project snowflakes on the walls, 14 up lights to wash walls in themed colors, a snow machine to create snow falling from the ceiling above the dance floor, 10 LED par cans for dance floor lighting and decorative ambient light, and a 4000 watt sound system comprised of JBL, EAW, Crown and QSC components. Three custom 3 foot twinkling snowflakes were designed by JMW mounted on the lighting truss and gradually rotated throughout the night. JMW Provided DJ services for the dance in addition to all rigging components, electrical distribution and design for this elaborate one of a kind event.

Garden Citiy Fire Company 65 - Christmas Float - December 2007
JMW was asked to provide decorative lighting for this years Christmas Float for the Garden City Fire Company in Nether Providence Township, PA. The float featured four Trackspot Intelligent Lights with controller, 6 LED Pars with DMX Control and Fog Machine. This years Disney themed float was illumuniated with brilliance as the float made its way around the township due to the LED lighting and scanning intelligent lights from the castle. JMW was honored to provide lighting/consulting services for such a great cause. Owner/President of JMW Entertainment Group, John Wolk is also pictured on this years float.

Strath Haven High School Homecoming - October 2007
For this elaborate high school homecoming dance, JMW Entertainment worked with the client to design a custom d?cor package for the entrance to this jungle themed homecoming. The entrance included four 7 foot high tiki heads, a custom fountain/rain system which pumped water 18 feet to the top of the video screen truss allowing water to fall like rain in front of a 9 x 12 foot video screen showing a custom edited video with images of animals, video and school logo. In addition to the d?cor, the entrance also included 8 LED par cans to illuminate the waterfall/rain system and pond area. A total of 10 theatrical lights were used to project images of animals on the walls, and patterns of foliage which cast shadows of branches and trees.

In addition to the themed entrance, JMW provided DJ services along with a 5000 watt sound system for the event, 60 Feet of Box Truss with all rigging components, 8 Intelligent Lights, 2 - 3500 Lumen LCD Projectors, 2 Martin Atomic Strobes, 2 Confetti Cannons, a 9 x 12 Video Screen which showcased music videos throughout the event. A total of 12 Up Lights for around the room were provided for ambient light in themed colors. JMW also provided all power distribution and complete event management for this event.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Benefit - Springfield Country Club - October 2007
For this breast cancer benefit/fashion show event, JMW designed both a sound and lighting package for the event, which hosted over 700 people including both TV and Radio Personalities from NBC 10 and 102.9 MGK. JMW provided a full JBL sound system with 5 shure wireless handheld microphones along with all QSC amplifiers, DJ services, LED up lighting, and 16 pinspots to highlight silent auction items and tables. Below are pictures of the LED lighting and pinspoting from the event. Pinspoting can be used for not only table lighting but can also include floral centerpieces for weddings, buffet tables and dramatic lighting for a wide array of events.

Wedding - Archmere Academy Patio - Claymont, DE - August 2007
For this event, JMW provided 24 decorative up lights, 1 Custom Monogrammed Gobo Pattern with Bride and Grooms Names, a 6' x 9' Video Screen with LCD Projector, Drape, DJ services and sound in cocktail room. JMW worked with the client to design a decorative lighting package which highlighted the existing columns in the room with a natural color to provide not only additional lighting for the event, but showcasing the buildings historical architecture. A custom monogrammed pattern/gobo was used to project the bride and grooms names on the dance floor as an added touch to the lighting design. A separate sound system was used to provide audio for the cocktail rooms, outdoor patio and gift room. In addition to the audio, a video screen also provided a video montage of the wedding highlights, which was shown throughout the event.

DeSales University - Center Valley, PA - Orientation- August 2007
JMW provided DDR Game Package and Karaoke for new student orientation weekend. The event combined, DJ services, Karaoke and our DDR Game Pacakge for a great novelty event.

Drexel Hill Middle School - 8th Grade Dance - June 2007
JMW worked with the client to create a concert style light show and "T" truss system which incorporated 2 video screens, music videos, 8 intelligent lights, 65 feet of truss, rigging and LED lighting. JMW provided rigging, all lighting, Video Screens and Video, DJ services, power for event and Dance Dance Revolution on a 9 x 12 video screen. Two upright trusses were used for LCD TVs which also showcased music videos and live camera feeds of the dancefloor. In addition to the concert style lighting and sound, a 3 foot mirror ball was used for a true school dance effect, bubble machines were also used to add a dramatic effect to the event.

Graduation Party - Decorative Lighting and DJ Services - June 2007
For this event, JMW Provided all outdoor decorative lighting for the event. JMW designed a package for the client which would illuminate the yard and pathways, however the lighting fixtures were implimented into the existing surroundings and landsacpe. Gobo/Pattern lighting was used for the lawn areas to create a dramatic effect, in additon 30 up lights, lighting the trees, bushes and shrubs around the yard.

Hariton High School - Junior Prom - April 2007
JMW provided full service event planning for this event, JMW Provided all Tables, Chairs, Linens, Uplighting, DJ Services, 120 Feet of Drape to create a backdrop and a fiber optic curtain for a backdrop behind the DJ. The Event also featured pinspot lighting on tables, 30 uplights and outdoor uplighting on trees. LED lighting was also used to help wash the ceiling of the dance floor with a slow color fade effect throughout the night. A "before" picture to the bottom right, shows how this room was transformed for this event.

Congregation Ohev Shalom - Presidents Ball - Wallingford, PA - March 2007
JMW provided decorative lighting for this fundraising event. The lighting design incorporated state of the art LED lighting, decorative up lights which washed the walls, gobo and pattern lighting which was used to add a decorative touch to the walls in the room. A 30 foot truss rigged from the ceiling, provided support for the decorative gobo lights, stage lighting for the main presentation, and band lighting. A total of 20 Up lights, 10 Stage lights, 4 LED lights, Dimmers and Control were provided for the event. JMW was able to provide the client with a circus oriented theme using both color and visual effects for a truly grand presentation.

Sweet 16 at Springfield Country Club - Springfield, PA - February 2007
JMW provided decorative uplighting, light show for dance floor, DDR Game System, LCD Monitors with Music Videos, along with 2 video screens to showcase dancers on the giant screens. In addition to the elaborate setup gobo and pattern lighting washed the walls with snowflakes and other effects in theme colors.

Flavia Coffee Corporate Event at The Desmond Hotel - Malvern, PA - January 2007
JMW provided decorative uplighting, intelligent lights, stage lighting, trusses and lighting control. In addition, gobo and pattern lighting washed the walls with stars and other effects in theme colors.

Homecoming Dance - Strath Haven High School, Wallingford, PA - October 2006

8th Grade Dance Event - Drexel Hill Middle School, Drexel Hill, PA - June 2006

Video Dance Club Night - Delaware Valley Regional High School, NJ - April 2006

Dance-A-Thon - Springfield High School - March 2006

Morocan Themed Private Party - DJ, Up Lights & Gobo Projections - The Oaks Ballroom

Sweet 16 Event With Up Lights & Dance Dance Revolution Game - March 2006

Winter Dance - Haverford High School - January 2006

Winter Rock Event - Strath Haven High School - January 2006

Cabrini College - Video Dance Party - December 2005

Neumann College - Festival Of Lights - December 2005

Strath Haven High School - Homecoming Dance - October 2005

Gwynedd Mercy College - Fall Dance Party - September 2005

Springfield Swim Club - Black Light Volley Ball Party - July 2005

Philadelphia Phantoms - Karaoke Contest - Wachovia Center -May 2005

Ursinus College - Black Light Volley Ball Party - April 2005

Gettysburg College - Video Dance Party - The Attic Night Club - April 2005

West Chester University, PA - Residence Hall Association - Spring Fling Concert - April 2005
JMW provided a 5000 watt EAW and JBL sound system for 5 bands to perform for an outdoor concert. The show was mixed on a 16 channel Allen & Heath Mixer, providing 4 seperate monitor mixes on stage.

Neumann College - Spring Fling - Fooling April Band - April 2005
JMW Provided DJ services, Sound for Band, Power Distrobution for Concessions, Infltables and Sound Equipment. For the band, JMW provided 4 seperate monitor mixes, 4 Instrument mics, 3 vocal mics and front of house sound.

Gwynedd Mercy College - St. Patricks Day Dance - March 2005

JMW's NACA Mid-Atlantic Festival Trade Show Booth - Monmouth University - March 2005

Brandon Burns Performance - Neumann College - Sound & Lights - March 2005

Liberty Cheer Institute - Cheerleading Competition, Villanova University - Feb 2005
JMW provided DJ services, along with IMS Audio Visual who provided a Clair Brothers house sound system for the event

Philadelphia Phantoms - Karaoke Night - Wachovia Spectrum - Feb-2005

Swarthmore College - Welfare Poets Performance - Sound & Staging - Feb-2005

Buena Regional High School - Valentines Dance - Feb-2005

Ursinus College - Fat Tuesday Celebration - Feb-2005

Neumann College - Dating Game - Sound & Lights - Feb-2005

Temple Beth Hillel Party Expo - JMW Entertainment's Booth - Feb-2005

Neumann College - Welcome Back Party - Jan-2005

Delaware Valley College - Welcome Back Party - Jan-2005

Ridley Middle School - 8th Grade Dance 2004

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Planning Expo - Temple Mkor Shalom - Jan-2005

Neumann College Karaoke Night

Padua Academy Winter Dance Jan-2005

Upper Darby High School Winter Formal Jan-2005