JMW Entertainment's Halloween Display

"Wallingford's Premier Halloween Attraction for over 10 Years"

Be Sure to Stop by and Check Out This Years Display!   The display opens October 1st through Halloween Night!  Thanks for Visiting us here online, and we hope you will come out to see this years display!                                                                                                                           

About the Display:

        JMW Entertainment's Halloween Display was started over 15 years ago by John-Michael Wolk while in 3rd grade, and as what started as a hobby quickly turned into the neighborhood's largest Halloween Attraction.  The display is impressive enough to draw crowds of 40 to 50 people per night and over 400 cars a week to the Wolk household to get a glimpse of the eerie graveyard and animatronics that grace their yard.   Halloween Night we will expect a nightly attendance to be more then 600 people that make the Wolk Household a stop on their trick or treating route.  Johns love for engineering, technical theater, and set design is what has kept this display going.  In addition to John's creative side keeping the display going, the Wolk family continues the display because of the joy and excitement the display brings both to the community and its hundreds of visitors!

      The display uses effects which are all home made, using gear motors, pneumatics, electrical, fog machines, pulleys, cables and much more.  Each year John and his family try to add a new piece to the display.  The display has been featured on all major TV stations in the Philadelphia Area, News of Delaware County, Daily Times & the Philadelphia Inquirer.  We hope that you will come out and see our Ghoulish Creation this year, and happy Haunting!

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Display Times & Location:


JMW Entertainment's Halloween Display

215 Beaumont Drive, Wallingford, PA 19086

The display is light daily from 6:30 to 10:30PM*

*Weather Permitting*

***Please Note Halloween Trick or Treating Hours Starts at 5:30 PM  Due to the Large Volume of Crowds that are expected**


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The Display has been Featured on the Following TV Stations and News Companies in the Philadelphia and Greater Philadelphia Area: